About Me


A prolific Christian writer and author, Maxine Lloyd, forges into the deep and intimate places of human existence utilizing the Word of God and psychological, emotional, and spiritual sacred places to bring them healing and wholeness.  


Maxine's first book, "I'm Mad as at Hell, A Journey to Sanctified, Satisfied, and Single - Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence and Spiritual Warfare connects the natural dynamics of domestic violence and the spiritual warfare that fuels the horrendous trauma that both men and women have inflicted on one another.


Her second book soon to be released, SCARS, connects her life experiences, life experiences of well-known people who lived in ancient biblical days, and those living in our current

day and age, experiencing psychological, emotional, and spiritual pressures. The hardships we all face are yet under the guiding hand of a loving God that desires a love relationship with us. Maxine's unique writings intricately weave stories of scriptural truths and life's weights of depression, anxiety, tension, burdens, death, and spiritual darkness into a love story that changes our perspective of

"why bad things happen to good people". Watch out, Maxine's third book is in the works, "Life Seekers, God's Pursuit". 


Maxine's purpose in life is to fulfill the Great Commission as found in Matthew 28:19-20. She does this through the gifts and talents that God has blessed her with including, preaching, teaching, administration, consulting, and pastoral counsel. Her desire to take the gospel internationally has been fulfilled in travels to Alaska, Hawaii, Africa, England, and the Mediterranean. Her passion is also to help the wounded to heal. She serves as an advocate to children and their families who have been victims of domestic violence. Maxine believes that the family is important as God has ordained it as the first holy institution. As such, she believes that victims and perpetrators of domestic violence can be healed and reunited. However, the first priority is the victim's safety.

Maxine is now charged with equipping believing students for ministry, educating them in the purpose, plan, and power of God, and empowering them to serve in their families, communities, and the world. She is also charged with teaching them to reach the lost through their own personal testimonies, connect their friends and families through fellowship, grow through the study of the Word of God, discover the heart of God for His people through service, and honor God with their whole hearts and bodies through worship.